Important Info!

May. 02 - 2018

Hello Bantam Bombers,

 Great first practice! Welcome to the team all our new Bantams & new players and of course welcome back to our returning players and families!! For those who have just joined us and didn't receive my first couple emails....practices this week are Helmets, Mouth guards and cleats only. Starting next week though, every practice unless coach specifies, is full gear and equipment. Practices run every Tues, Wed and Thurs. 6:30-8:30. Players won't be allowed to participate on the field unless they are wearing everything, including cleats(not runners), girdles, mouth guards, shoulder pads, helmets, practice pants, knee pads etc.!! This is for safety reasons and will be enforced!! Please have your player double check they have all gear and equipment when coming to football!! Don't forget WATER....lots of WATER! These boys will be sweating- trust me! 

Introducing the Bantam Bombers Staff:

Jorge Banos- Head Coach

Kristina Kyllonen- Team Manager

Assistant Coaches- Craig Huckin

                            Mike Saunders

                            Rob Sokulski

Trainers- Shannon Craig

              AJ Saunders


Note to players and parents: Our Equipment Executive is Trevor Jacobs- he is the guy to see if your helmet fit isn't right or your shoulder pads might need changing out, if your practice pants are falling down--really any adjustments needed. He is available at our shack on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ONLY- not Thursdays! For quick adjustments please just go see him. However, if you are a new player needing a full equipment fitting- we will book a time slot for you.  

 Some important notes and club policies:

-Parking is available at the baseball diamonds/public pool, Stony Plain Central School, Street parking by walking paths leading up to field. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PARENT PARKING OR DROP OFF/PICK UP BEHIND THE SHACKS OR IN THE FARMERS FIELD!!! The parking permitted behind the shacks has only been granted by the town for Stony Plain Executive Members and field staff!! This rule is ALWAYS in effect--doesn't matter if its a practice night, if its Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles driving your player or coming to watch a game, if we have a game at our field or there is a crazy storm that rolls in--you may not drive up behind the shacks!!!

-Please send your child to practice will full gear and pleanty of water. Dressed for the weather.

-Parents, guardians, siblings etc are not prohibited to be in the field at any time. This is for your safety and insurance reasons. Only staff and players are allowed on field during practice times.

-Please use the bleachers or bring a chair for viewing. If you would like to bring a chair we ask that you sit on the outside of the track. Staff and athletes are only prohibited on the benches.

-There is always a certified trainer that is with the club to assist if a child gets hurt at no time is a guardian allowed to run out to their child, if the parent is needed the trainer or manager will let them know. This again is for the safety and insurance of all people.

-Always check the website and email as this is our only form of communication and we will post all new updates on here:)

-If parents have any questions, concerns or comments, its club policy that you must go through the Team Manager first- the coaches are not to be approached prior to Manager being informed. However, if you would like to set up a meeting with the coaches this can easily be arranged.

-Please join our 'Stony Plain Bantam Bombers' facebook page- this is exclusively the Bantam Team page- You can post questions, photos, I update with info etc.!

-Please join our Club facebook page- 'Stony Plain Bombers'

-Please join 'Stony Plain 2018 Bombers-Picture page'

- visit our webpage often scoll 'Teams' Click Bantam and you will find team info and updates! This includes weather updates etc.

-The Bantam team plays football in the snow, rain, hail, wind, storms, high temps, low temps.....the ONLY weather we do not play in is LIGHTNING. I will send an email and post on website(under Bantam Team) if practice is ever cancelled! Note that in bad weather the coaches will often opt to do 'Football school' in the shacks instead. Players still must attend. Please ensure that IF during a practice we decide to cancel it due to weather-- make sure there is someone available to pick up your player immediately.

-Bantam team will be doing a team bottle drive! Stayed tuned for date and times.

- All parents do team volunteer commitments,this is completely separate from Bingo's and raffles!

- Our club will be hosting a pub night/silent auction night-stay tuned for more detail.

- When we have our parent meeting--please feel free to ask any questions you have. The meeting will be sometime in the next 2 weeks...will keep you posted.


We are very excited about the 2018 Football season--we look forward to getting to know you all!  

Any questions/concerns pls just ask or email!


                                  Kristina Kyllonen



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